The Best Cheap Eats in Every State: Portland Penny Diner

"Despite all the cheap eats Portland has to offer, [writer and Cooking TV host Ali] Khan's favorite is the PDXWT at the Portland Penny Diner, which is located inside the Hotel Lucia. For under $6, diners get a platter that includes mortadella, sauerkraut, egg, and cheese, served on a Parker House roll. "What will really catch your palate is the coffee mayo, which could easily be renamed espresso cream spread and still nothing would be lost in translation," Khan said.

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Portland for the Fourth Timer

"Paley’s nod to his Belarusian heritage extends into the Heathman’s Tea Court Lounge, where he has replaced the traditional English tea with a Russian Tea Experience on Saturdays. Along with Steven Smith teas, served in samovars, the prix fixe lunchtime menu offers a range of sweet and savory Russian pastries, including cheese blintzes, stuffed eggs, pierogi, latkes, bird’s milk tortes, steopka (sour-cream) cakes and khachapuri (Georgian cheese bread)."

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Food and Beverage Pioneers

"Renowned Pacific Northwest chef Vitaly Paley opened Headwaters restaurant in the historic 150-room Heathman Hotel in November. It’s one of four Portland restaurants owned by the James Beard Award winner and his wife, Kimberly. Paley is driven to rediscover Pacific Northwest cuisine, following in the footsteps of Oregon’s own James Beard, whose mother once operated a Portland boarding house."

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Vitaly Paley's New Headwaters is Home to Seriously Great Octopus and Pasta Made of Squid

"Norris, like Cthulhu, is godlike with tentacles. That tender, grill-charred and wine-brined Spanish octopus—a revelation at Riffle in 2012—is back in a different variation here served up with prosciutto sausage ($18), and it is deeply and warmly welcome. The soft sheets of octopus carpaccio ($7), meanwhile, were an impressive feat of protein pressboarding under niçoise relish, with shapes of sucker and tendril embossed into the tender sheets like fossil into limestone."

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48 Things to do in Seattle this Week

"Two James Beard Award-winning chefs (Miller's Guild's Jason Wilson and Vitaly Paley of Portland restaurants including Imperial, Paley's Place, and Penny Dinner) will serve a family-style meal that highlights the Oregon truffle industry... The menu includes geoduck crudo with shaved foie gras and black truffle vinaigrette, truffled potato gnocchi with wood-grilled beef short rib, and hazelnut spiced cake with roasted Washington apple, truffle, and ice cream."

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Vitaly Paley gives the Heathman Tea Room a Russian Makeover

"The once staid chamber is cheered with bright matryoshka-patterned tea towels and towering silver samovars. A squadron of mismatched antique teapots lines the Heathman’s grand staircase. With aplomb, servers pour steaming pots of eight fragrant teas, including the Georgian Caravan blend, a robust homage to classic Russian black teas from Portland’s cult Smith Teamaker."

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