15 Portland seafood spots worth a deep dive

"Headwaters is a fresh take on hotel dining, complete with whole roasted rockfish and octopus carpaccio, updated French classics served table-side, cheeky modernist desserts, and an expanded, refreshed bar. It’s a grandly laid-back (a.k.a. Portland-style) fine dining spot that aims to delight both intrepid seafood adventurers and more conventional eaters morning, noon, and night."


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The hottest restaurants in Portland right now, July 2017

"Did one of the godfathers of Pacific Northwest cuisine just open a New York-style pizza spot in Hotel Lucia? Yes, yes he did, and the slices are hitting the mark, whether a traditional pepperoni or a rotating special like the Connecticut clam pie, served without cheese and with melted butter for dipping. Get it by the slice, in a full pie, or in a 36-inch "Al Metro," which is more or less three pizzas in one."

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